The Best Way to Start Your Day: 51%

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How do you start your day? I don’t mean the shower, dress, coffee routine. I mean, what state is your mind in when you start your day?

If you are like I used to be and like the majority of people are, it’s not in an optimal state. I was the Jedi of morning negativity.

The alarm was the starting gun for the daily race to the garbage dump. The bills, the boss, school, the traffic, last night’s argument, you name it – if it was bad, I was all over it. Great way to start the day huh? Really sets a stellar tone!

But, I learned. Perhaps the hard way but, I learned.

I came to understand the reciprocal nature of the universe which is a $5 dollar way to say, it’s a giant mirror. If you put it out there, it’s coming back. As sure as if you step off a cliff, gravity will conspire to make you one with the earth.

See, here’s the thing, (and I’ll try to stay out of the physics of this as much as possible) all thought, emotion and matter is but energy vibrating at varying frequencies. (yes, your coffee table is really only energy that is vibrating at a rate that causes you to perceive it as a solid object. Neat trick huh?) Similar frequencies attract one another.

So what that means for you and me is if we are putting out higher order frequencies like love, happiness, gratitude, joy, we are attracting similar frequencies back to us because we are a match to them. If, on the other hand, we are producing lower order frequencies like dread, anger, fear, complaining, that’s what is headed our way.

This natural phenomenon is precisely why when your day starts to go bad, it snowballs on you and goes from bad to worse and why when it is on an awesome roll, it seems that everything turns out right. You’re “hitting on all eight cylinders” or are “in the zone” as they say.

Well here’s the great news about all this. YOU can absolutely control it. It is YOU who’s in the drivers seat. You, meaning your awareness, NOT your mind. Your mind creates the thoughts. Your awareness is what perceives them and can decide to change them. See the difference?

So the key to leveraging this is simple. Think of it like a big, universe size scale. What happens once you tip a scale? Right, it continues in that direction.

So the magic number is 51%. Just put out 51% more positive energy in your day than negative and the scale will begin to tip. Then the days become weeks, months, years and your life will have transformed – literally.

So in the morning, don’t crank up the cranky. The instant you become aware that you are awake, start listing in your mind all the things you are grateful for. Or keep an enlightening book on the nightstand and read a bit. Do anything that puts you in a positive state.

This morning, I made a dolphin out of a banana and took it to my wife in bed. Her smile was worth ten million dollars to me.

Whatever it takes, get the scale tipped in the positive direction and watch as the universe complies with your order and serves you a day filled with love and happiness. And if things do begin to go sideways on you, you will have the knowledge to handle it. Just tip the scale again.

~Edward G. Dunn

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