Who is Edward Dunn?

Over the past 22 years, Ed has developed revolutionary systems that have helped thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, and companies grow at rates that were previously considered impossible. His breakthrough systems include sales copywriting, story-selling, funnel design, social media marketing, video marketing, email marketing, online advertising, automation, webinar frameworks, and more.


Ed, a New Orleans area resident, grew up in and around the lakes and bayous of Louisiana. As a psychology and business student in 1986, he saw Tony Robbins at a live seminar. He realized (probably right after that nuts-o firewalk thingy) that he needed to learn from the men who taught Tony. He went to the University of California at Santa Cruz and studied with Dr. John Grinder. He then used that knowledge, along with his business and psychology training to launch a consulting agency that was designed to help entrepreneurs and companies incorporate these new principles to grow, improve, and become best-in-class.


Ed was consulting and teaching Fortune 500 companies like Texaco and JC Penney while still in his mid-twenties and leading live seminars all over the U.S. – back when air travel was still kinda fun. 😉

In the early 1990’s when the internet started to emerge in a big way, Ed decided he needed a skills upgrade in order to serve his clients in this new frontier. So he spent several years in the I.T. trenches eventually becoming an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and leading Fortune 100 consulting engagements for DELL and other major tech firms.

He then re-married his business and psychology chops to his now extensive tech skills and that marriage gave birth to his digital marketing agency and educational company. His heart was happy.


Ed is married to the love of his life, Michelle (who also happens to lead the graphics team in the business), and they live along the southeast Louisiana coast with their rescued pup, Lilly – a half Beagle half Dachshund ball of hilarity.

He’s also a published author, an avid musician, a photography enthusiast, has a borderline unhealthy interest in cars, motorcycles, and boats, and has spent years as a volunteer Humane Society officer.

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