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How to find happiness within yourself | Happiness 2.0 Podcasts by Edward G Dunn

These short messages have given life-changing 'a-ha' moments to hundreds and helped them live happier, more peaceful lives - everyday.

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…author, podcaster, teacher, happy human.  I write mostly about happiness and how to get a bunch more of it. I try to keep it science-based, easy to use, and free of  B.S. I’ve been doing this a minute – about 4 decades of minutes, more or less. Some people want to throw large bricks at me. Other’s say I’ve changed their life and helped them be a boat-load happier. The easiest way to figure out which camp you’re in is to read a little, watch a little, or listen a little. You’ll know pretty quick. :blush:

Happiness 2.0 Podcast

A weekly show where we discuss the specific tools and concepts that you can use today, right now, to live a happier, more peaceful life. We keep it entertaining, educational, and a whole lot of fun. Join us and get some happy!

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Happiness 2.0 Course

The Happiness 2.0 Course is a series of on demand videos that teach you how to apply the Happiness 2.0 Framework and tools to your life. Additionally, there is a twice monthly LIVE ZOOM call where I will be answering specific questions that students submit.

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How to find happiness within yourself | Happiness 2.0 eBook by Edward G Dunn

Happiness 2.0 Book

scheduled for release in 2024.

The chapters include…

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