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seasonal surfer on a sunset

Well, the cursed dark night of the soul is finally over – gratefully. And while the respite from demonic forces turning the lights off at 5 PM is but a temporary stay, I’ll take it – by God I’ll take it!

My bride will plant, and tend to plants, and buy plants, and pots, and dirt, and gardening tools, and fertilizer, and patio statues, and, and, and…hmmm, maybe I like the blackness after all.

Nah – more time to surf, and get trounced by a triple set on the head, and have a meet and greet with the bitey end of an excessively toothy fish….hmm, maybe I do like the premature blackout after all.

Nah. See, the thing about getting older is we figure out that all that running amok we did at 3 am? That can be done at noon but if it’s lights out when that day is just a little past half over, well that just screws up the whole enchilada.

It’s funny how most people tend to morph from daybreak die hards (I mean that’s when cartoons come on!) to mostly ill-advised creatures of the night then, eventually, to incessant whining about it getting dark at 5 pm. I’m certain there’s a host of reasons for this ongoing evolution but that’s for another discussion. Save to say that it seems to follow the smart – dumb – hopefully a little smarter again trajectory.

All I really know is the folks who decide things like monkeying with everybody’s clocks got my Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) under control. They shouldn’t expect a thank you note, though. They’re the same degenerates that caused it in the first place. I hope they like watching Saturday morning cartoons in the dark – serves ‘em right.

So anyway, it’s here now – praise be! Do I wish I was better yet at side-stepping the winter funk? Probably, maybe, I don’t know, who cares. I just know I’ll be super-happy seeing the smile on my lovely bride’s face while she’s tending her plants on our terrace and I’ll try my best not to ruin it in the size surf that’s WAY beyond my abilities but, then again, I’ve gone from smart to dumb before.

Happy daylight, everyone! 😊

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