One Simple Shift That Made Me Happier Every Day

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When I decided to look at what I think about all day long, to take an inventory and write it down everyday for a week, I noticed something alarming. I was spending a lot of time asking questions like…

Does that person like me?

Does those people respect me?

What are they saying about me?

Then I asked myself, are these the things I want to focus on every day? Do these thoughts give me peace and clarity? The answer was no.

We tend to obsess over our reputations and what others think of us but, it is a useless exercise. It clouds our minds and robs our happiness. It also doesn’t change who we are – nor should it.

The shift is to realistically asses ourselves, to acknowledge our shortcomings, to celebrate our unique talents, and move forward from that perspective – our perspective, not someone else’s. In truth, we can never really know what another person is thinking so we are obsessing over whatever we imagine, not what really is.

Begin making this shift, you will feel a change in your mindset that will make a big difference in your happiness and your peace of mind.

As my wise mother once told me,

“There is nothing in this world more valuable than peace of mind.”

It took me some years to fully understand just how right she truly was.

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