How to Make Your Walk Match Your Talk

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There is a big difference between knowing and understanding. If knowing alone created wisdom, then every old person in the world would be a guru or prophet and yet we know that is certainly not the case.

Understanding is not WHAT we know but how and why we APPLY what we know for the betterment of ourselves and others. We are not at all short on knowledge of the spiritual principles and practices that can transform the world and the hearts of it’s people. We have been blessed with those profound lessons for millennia.

The problem is the chasm that exists between our knowing and our understanding – between our talk and our walk.

For example, we almost universally condemn violence and yet we commit it daily with our foreign policies, food choices, and many other areas.

Another example is racism and bigotry. Again, we generally condemn the persecution of another human being based on race, creed or beliefs yet we practice it with alarming consistency. Why? Because we may “know” that these attitudes and actions are wrong yet we do not understand at a level sufficient enough to prevent us from engaging in them. We simply don’t walk our talk.

So the key is to learn to align your habits with your beliefs (if indeed they truly are your beliefs and not simply platitudes that you inherited from parents, church, school or government – this is worth examining very closely).

A great way to start is by operating under the assumption that EVERY person you encounter is a teacher. This is quite true inasmuch as most everyone has something of value that we can learn from them. You would not be inclined to be disrespectful, judgmental, greedy, hateful or spiteful toward a valued teacher.

When we all stop trying so hard to always be right or prove ourselves superior to others (the others being different nationalities, different beliefs, different political affiliations, etc.) and live from compassion, forgiveness, and peace, then and only then can we transcend knowing and become understanding.

Only then, can we walk our talk.

~Edward G. Dunn

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