Have You Done Anything Lately Worth Remembering?

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If you take a few moments to think back into memories of life, or the last decade, or the last year, or even the last month, week or day, you will find something quite curious – you don’t remember the vast majority of it.

In fact you probably don’t remember well over 95% of your life.

You may think you do, but if you really consider it thoroughly, you will find that the days just blur one into the next in your memory. The only events that really stick with you for a lifetime are the ones that were / are truly unique.

You probably remember your first day of school, your first kiss, the day you got your drivers license, weddings, births, deaths, your “first time”, a vacation, a prank, or even the glance of a stranger but the common thread that made all of these things memorable was their uniqueness and how they made you FEEL. The rest of our day to day existence simply fades into the background permanently.

While the propensity of our mind to remember the emotionally powerful events and discard the rest may, upon initial inspection, seem like a tragedy, it is really just the opposite. It is a great blessing. Here’s why – it is a barometer that helps us to gauge the importance or triviality of our actions.

In other words it begs the question, “What have you done lately worth remembering?

Have you helped someone in a difficult situation? watched a glorious sunset with a loved one? traveled to a new destination that will stay with you forever?

Are the things you remember in your life few and far between? Is the mundane dominating your existence? If so, you are literally robbing yourself of the only truly limited commodity you have – your time because once those moments slip away into obscurity, they are gone while the time spent in the inspired is yours to keep and treasure forever.

So ask yourself the question and be honest in your answer. Decide if you are spending your currency of time on the unmemorable or the inspired. Make an effort to do at least one thing everyday or at least every week that you will remember when all the rest has long since faded away because in the end, these will be the only things left.

Go dance, help, love, teach, travel, share. Go be amazed. Go be amazing.

~Edward G. Dunn

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