There Are Teachers Whispering in Your Ear

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The culture and environment that we as westerners live in day to day moves at a furious pace. Perhaps the most furious in the planet’s history.

We are bombarded relentlessly with “noise”. Smart phones, iPads, laptops, red lights, radio, TV, traffic jams, kids, jobs, bosses, crowded grocery stores, sports practice, school, endless meetings, bills, junk mail – “noise“.

The vast and often wonderful advancements of our “civilized” society have also had an adverse and crippling effect on our consciousness. As we have evolved technologically, we have devolved spiritually.

We have learned to be deeply unconscious just so that we can deal with the chaos.

The trick is to be able to pull the “signal” from the noise. In other words, to be able to stay present enough, conscious enough, awake enough to collect the lessons the moments have to teach us and discard the rest.

Everything that manages to manifest into our physical reality has done so because we issued those instructions to our environment – consciously or otherwise.

Through our thoughts and emotions we draw everything to us that we need to learn just as surely as an acorn draws everything it needs from its environment to become an oak tree. And it does all this while prostrate in the dirt mind you.

The events and circumstances that we label as good as well as the ones we label as bad are all here at our invitation. (In truth they are neither good nor bad, it is merely our thinking that makes them so.)

No problem comes without a gift for us in its hands but we must be awake, willing and able to receive that gift.

Once we come to really understand this we start noticing the dozens of teachers that surround us every day – they are dressed in the robes of the moment. This higher level understanding casts an entirely new light on just about everything.

If you are vigilant anytime you experience strong emotion, negative or positive, you will find the lesson the moment (teacher) has for you. Your experience will shift, at times dramatically, as you evolve.

So whether it’s the traffic jam, the noisy kids, the bills or the perfect sunset, a delicious walk in the woods or the sweet taste of accomplishment, welcome all the moments as invited guests because that is precisely what they are and like all good guests, they come bearing gifts.

~Edward G. Dunn

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