How To Watch The News

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Watching the news is a LIVE teaching on karma. We see people experiencing the effects of their previous actions – both constructive and destructive. We also see people creating the causes of their future suffering or their future happiness – in real-time. It takes a great deal of care, and self-awareness not to judge anyone – not to be critical of those who are suffering due to their past actions, and not to assume that those who are experiencing happiness now are somehow morally or intellectually superior. Let’s not rejoice that people who act in harmful ways will suffer in the future or think that people who, through their actions, are creating goodness today are somehow better than the rest.

No human being that is born into this world deserves to suffer – not one. The circumstances that lead people to act and behave in destructive and harmful ways are, in most all cases, the result of fear, ignorance, environment, and/or programming. We can deploy compassion instead of judgment because, in truth, everyone is trying to be happy. Unfortunately ignorance and blindness moves them in directions that can cause tremendous amounts of misery and suffering – for themselves and for others.

So as we watch the news, endeavor to remember this truth and learn to extend compassion to all who suffer and cause suffering because…

“an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”

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