How To Get Invited To Be A Podcast Guest


Have you ever wanted to get on a podcast? I mean, sure, who doesn’t, but have you ever wondered how to actually do it? Well, today is your lucky day. In this article we’ll go over some steps that will help ensure that you and your message are the next person invited to be interviewed by a famous podcaster. I’ll share my experiences and what has worked for me in getting as many people as possible to invite me onto their podcast.

Make sure your topic is interesting.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you’re not just being opinionated. You have a message and you want to share it with the world, right? So make sure your topic is interesting and unique enough that people will be interested in hearing what you have to say.
If you can’t think of anything interesting or unique about your topic, then go find something! There are plenty of ideas out there for podcasts—you just need to put some work into it (this doesn’t mean blindly searching for podcasts). Think about what makes podcasts different from other types of media and how your content could fill an empty niche in that landscape.
Once you’ve thought up a topic, send an email pitch to potential hosts explaining why they should include YOU as a guest on their show instead of some other person who might also want to talk about this same thing (they’ll probably get lots of similar pitches). Be helpful in advance by providing links and info so they don’t have too much extra work ahead of time before recording day arrives; this makes them more likely to invite you back if they like working with someone who’s easygoing, punctual and professional!

Make sure you have a message, not just an opinion.

What exactly is a message? It’s the core idea or inspiration behind a podcast. It might be what you want to share with listeners, or it may be something that you’d like people to come away from the podcast having learned.
So what does this mean for your pitch? Well, if you have a strong message and can explain it in a few sentences, it will help make sure that your pitch isn’t too long or drawn out. You should also think about how to communicate the message in the best way possible: Is there an example story from real life that would help illustrate it? If so, include that!
On the other hand, maybe there aren’t any great stories (or maybe they’re too personal) but you still want to share something inspiring or interesting on air—in which case having a clear outline of how exactly your episode will get across those ideas will make pitching much easier!

Be helpful to the host in advance.

When you’re a guest on a podcast, you want to make the host’s job easy. You want them to say “yes” when you ask them if they’d like you to be a guest on their show. And since hosts receive lots of requests, it helps if they can see that you’ve been helpful ahead of time so they will be more likely to say yes.

  • Provide research or information in advance. If there’s something relevant that you know about and the host doesn’t (or is already aware of), share it with him/her—for example, if there’s an upcoming event that relates to his/her topic but is not yet announced publicly, let him/her know so he/she can plan accordingly; or if there’s an article or blog post he/she hasn’t seen yet but should read before recording their episode with you so that he/she doesn’t miss anything important (this works especially well for longer-form interviews where bringing up something new at the last minute would create confusion). This type of thing shows how much thoughtfulness went into planning this effort and shows confidence in both yourself as well as your podcasting skills overall; I’ve had guests say things like “I just did some research for [host] because I knew how busy he was…” It makes me feel good whenever someone does this because then I know my episodes are being taken seriously enough by my guests that they want everything researched beforehand instead of leaving it all up until right before recording starts!
  • Provide a guest post which introduces listeners who haven’t heard from either party before while also providing context around why these two people would have something interesting to talk about together: For example: “In today’s episode we have special guests @[first name] & @[last name]. They’re going discuss how their shared interest in rock climbing lead them both down different paths (including working together), which eventually led each one getting married twice – once each with different spouses.”

Be easy to connect with.

You want to be easy to connect with. Make sure your contact information is easy to find on social media, your website and in any other places where you share it. Your contact information should include:

  • Your email address
  • A phone number that people can call you at (or use a contact form)
  • Social platforms contact info

These tips will help you get invited as a guest on podcasts!

As a podcaster, I make it my mission to help others who are trying to get on podcasts. Here are some tips for getting invited as a guest: Check out where you can find all kinds of podcasts actively looking for guests. Or if you are thinking about starting a podcast yourself or already have one, you can find guests for your own show.

  • Before you even start trying to be a podcast guest, make sure you know what the podcast is about and if it’s the right fit for your brand. If not, don’t waste anyone’s time by applying!
  • Make sure you can commit to being available when they record their episode (i.e., don’t book other interviews at that time). This will also give both of you more flexibility in case something comes up during production or editing stages of getting content together.
  • Be prepared with things such as links or resources that may help explain why whatever topic they’re covering resonates with your audience and why they should care about it too (in other words, research beforehand!). This shows how much interest/curiosity there is outside just yourself which helps set up strong rapport between hosts/guests because they’ll know right away whether or not this could be mutually beneficial relationship worth pursuing further down line (like maybe by inviting back again later).


Hopefully, these tips will help you get invited as a guest on podcasts! Podcasting is a great way to share your message with the world. If you’re not sure where to start or if this is even something you want to do, check out our article “How To Start A Podcast” for some helpful ideas.

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