The Profound Game of Hide and Seek

We spend a significant amount of our time on earth grasping and holding on to all manner of things, and places, and people. We have come to believe that we must keep these things in order to be happy and if they disappear, we will suffer. We worry that we don’t have enough money until we finally do, then we trade that worry for worrying that we won’t be able to keep it – that someone or some circumstance will take it from us. So we are actually in nearly the same state of suffering we were to start with.  We worry that we don’t have a partner until we finally do. Then we worry that something could take them from us – maybe they decide to leave us, or an illness perhaps. We even let this worry damage the relationship we so treasure. If our loved one returns home later than expected, we lash out at them. Why? Because we are worried something has happened to them. If our minds were seeing clearly, we would merely be grateful for their arrival and hug them instead of berate them.

Have you ever played with a kaleidoscope? Just a small movement is enough to make something miraculous appear – a spectacle of fantastical colors – a manifestation. You marvel at this view for a few seconds then another turn of the kaleidoscope and yet another scene of beauty explodes into view. Should we be sad or suffer when each of these beautiful manifestations comes to an end? Consider a flower – it blooms then disappears, blooms, disappears – hundreds, maybe thousands of times in it’s life. It is this very nature of the flower that makes it’s blossoms so cherished. Impermanence is the nature of all things. If we look deeply and come to embrace this reality, we deepen our gratitude for the present moments. We cease allowing worry to pollute the beauty that is with us right now. This is the beginning of wisdom. This is the beginning of love.

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