Don’t Wait for Happiness

One of the most pervasive symptoms of the madness that lives in our collective consciousness is our propensity to assign happiness and/or success to the future. In so doing we trivialize if not entirely miss the present moment. The constant preoccupation with the future robs us of the only time we actually have… the present. If we are habitually lost in our internal dialog regarding some imagined future, we fail to be present in the only moment we ever have – the one we are in. The truth is, the future only ever comes in the form of the present. This is what Einstein was referring to when he said, “Time is just a persistent illusion.” You can never be happy in the future because it is a construct of your mind. There is but one way to be truly happy – right here in this moment.

You may be thinking that is easier said and done. The present moment seems to hold all manner of worrisome annoyances, too many to list. But there is a way. In order to find happiness in the only place you ever can, you first must learn to accept the present as it is – without judgements and without labels which are simply the tools of the ego. If you are resisting the present, you are resisting what already is. If you are perceiving it, it is already actualized. Resisting something that has already manifested into physical reality is an exercise in futility and neurosis. The key is acceptance of the now for what it really is, the only “time” you have.

The second key is gratitude for your present. Again you perhaps are thinking, “My situation is horrible. I hate my job, I don’t have enough money, my relationship is awful, I am sick”, etc. But once again you must realize that you are resisting what is. Let me be clear – this does not mean that you don’t take steps to bring about change in your circumstances if that is your goal. It simply means you do not pass judgement on the present moment. Whatever steps you choose to take, you can only ever take right now.

Finding a sense of gratitude for your present is not difficult at all as long as you understand the obstacle that stands in your way – your thoughts or inner voice. Once you understand that inner voice is your mind and ego and NOT your Self (who you really are) you will begin to awaken to the beauty of the moment you are in.  Resisting only serves to weaken you both physically (negative emotions are toxic to the body) and spiritually. Embrace the precious moments you have, each and every one.  Be blissfully awake right here in THIS moment for THIS moment is the ONLY moment.

~Edward Dunn

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