Julian Cross’ experiences in the high stakes business world have left him jaded and disillusioned.  But a seemingly chance encounter with a strange, otherworldly mechanic and a re-acquaintance with a girl from his past are about to pull him into a universe he could scarcely have imagined – worlds of desperation and joy,  hopelessness and  optimism, brutality and forgiveness, fear and love. It is an unforgettable adventure of the mind, spirit, and heart.

Whether you know the term Shambala from its spiritual roots or American rock band Three Dog Night’s hit song, it refers to a mythical kingdom of purity. From the northwestern reaches of Louisiana, to the Cajun dancehalls of Acadiana, the ancient ghosts of New Orleans, and ultimately the mysterious swamps of the vast Atchafalaya River basin, the story grabs you from the opening page and takes you on a spellbinding journey threaded with unforgettable characters and exotic destinations – all on the road to Shambala.